Mikhail's Philosophy

“Beauty will save the world.” Dostoevsky

This statement on beauty has become one of my rationalizations for the notion of art and reasons for creating. Whether a reflection of reality or the imagination I believe that the image should carry a positive creative charge and must favor the affirmation of beauty. This consciousness enables people to exist in the modern world and find beauty within the banal.

I am proud to be a product of the Russian school of art, with its humanistic ideals and respect for the traditions of different cultures in the world. I also feel a close affinity for the art and philosophy of the East and its contemplation of the microcosmic harmony and its interconnectedness of all elements and beings. This attention to detail translates into my work through my love for the process and for the medium. The constant assimilation of classical and modern elements within my work allows for perpetual synthetic fusion and experimentation.

My goal as an artist continues to be to absorb into every-day life the experience of the art world, to improve my own mastership, and to share my knowledge and experience with my audience and students.

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